PHOTO. A dog who looks like a bear became a star

The animal with an unusual appearance, which photos  are accessible in the social media, are very famous. This is especially true for unusual and interesting dogs and cats.

It is nearly  impossible to look at these little  cute animals without any  good feelings and emotions. But many people think that animals with an exceptional appearances are  undeveloped or  downscale.This article introduces  such a person,who had an animal which seemed inferior.


A  man earned money  by breeding Pomeranian spitz. One of the newborn dogs was  unlike the others. He was born rather big and hairy.This dog was like a bear,but her life changed very sharply.

That’s why the man made a decision  to give it to an animal shelter, by mistake considering that he couldn’t sell it.

The  puppy was in the shelter for a short period. The owner of an art gallery  in New York realy  liked it very much from the first sight. The woman took the dog and gave it the nickname Bertram.

Now it is in the gallery of its owner.  Thanks to the dog many  visitors   come  and see not only  the works of art but also at the cute and lovely dog.

And the owner of the pet also created a personal Instagram page, where she posts the dog’s photos and videos . Even now , the  dog has  400,000 people followers, who admire and enjoy  her videos and photos.

The dog has also many likes and comments.The woman organized a wonderful birthday party for the dog, whose name was Bertram, on the fifth birthday of the dog. She even posted a photo from the birthday party on its page.

Therefore the former owner of the dog easily   gave it to other hands, and another owner could  see the spotlight and the best in it, which  many people also noticed and appreciated. Let’s share this story with your friends in order them also to know about this cute and a bear like dog.

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