PHOTOS. An earless cat which was being cured at last finds a forever home and coincidently finds a close friend
Here is a cat named Potato. He is extraordinary cat with earless. The cat is from China. It lived in the terrace, before a native shelter saved the cat.  
PHOTOS. This lovely and unique cat with four ears is called Yoda and he has now a new family
The cat named Yoda was two years old. The cat has four ears. He is safe and sound. He even listens completely. A husband and a wife named Valerie adopted
Video. A touching story about a cat which says a farewell to his close friend, who died because of cancer
The loss of a person who is close to you is very difficult. There is not anything that a person can do to return back the lose of a person.
A heroic act: The courageous rescue story ever: The brave and kind led saves the drowning deer
People always believe that the world turns around them. But we should not always forget that people share the same world with animals. The animals are dominant, too.
Brave and playful dog who has only 3 legs rescues his owner’s life after a huge swell crashes into the boat
A pet which name is Tater Tot was deprived of the leg. The pet suffered the loss of leg because of cancer. The dog is still walking in some way.