A fallen and faded dog was pregnant and sick, struggling for her life without any help from people

A lot of people are fond of having animals as a pet, but their peaceful-coexistence is sometimes not lucky.
There may be a lot of situations when the animals are discarded and seen hopeless and without help in the roads and pavements.

The similar thing happened with the dog which name is Liza. She was seen lying on the highway. The cat was a sufferer of people’s savageness.

When the cat was found she was sick and fragile,she was not able to walk. This truth made saving the cat harder.

This story of the cat was downloaded on social media, but it feels like people pay no attention to it.

The time when an animal company knew about the case they were not able to rescue her puppies’ life. She lost all of the puppies in complete quietness.

The team of supporting made an effort to make better her health and cure her, but it was rather difficult.

Now the dog is being taken care of and cured. There are obvious symptoms that her health is getting better every day. She is fed well and feels much better and relaxing.

The dog is afraid of people after being treated
brutal and inhuman. The dog even runs away from people. The dog is just frightened of human beings.
The dog has a special behaviour and there is so much to do in order to cure her totally

The dog frequently goes for a walk and takes pleasure of the nature and surrounding environment.

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