Video. A poor cat clinging onto a boot in the street was neglected by people, luckily only a man could save him and give a second chance to live
The poor and unsheltered cat was neglected as nobody noticed him. Due  to a man it was saved and the action of this man gives us hope that humanity still exists.
True and devoted friends. Once the old woman rescued the dog’s life and now the dog saves her life
Dogs are true friends and never forget what people did for them. They help people in a lot of difficulties and mess. They do their job well in helping
Video. Worth praising. A kind-hearted man changed the life of an abused cat thrown away in the garbage giving him a second chance to live happily
Adopting and saving dogs which are left abondened in the street is a very praising thing. These animals need care and love. These badly treated animals
Video. A heart touching story of a traumatized puppy who refuses to sleep because he is always afriad to be left all alone
Dogs are very honest and sensitive. For them the time spent with their owners is very precious. The time the owner leaves the house and the dog alone in the house.