The three poor and abandoned kittens were sobbing for their mother as she would never return any more
Once a man noticed three cata sobing for a long period of time and decide to go and rescue the kittens in need of help. With the support of the neighbours
A kind-hearted woman discovered three weak and skinny puppies by accident in the inhabited house
A woman was strolling in the roads of her birthplace and rather accidently saw that a dog watched out of a left and abondened house. The dog was really
Badly treated and weak dog brings comfort to the dog named Sammie who was recently brought to the animal shelter
Every dog may feel stressed and incomplete in animal shelter at first. The animals can not realize why they ar in the shelter and it seems for them that
Video. A devoted cat comes to his former owner’s graveyard daily. He can not imagine and get used to new life without his owner
An cat from Italy named Toldo was saved early when he was a simple tiny kitten. Toldo was connected with his owner named Renzo till the end of his  owner’