PHOTO. True and faithful friends.The kind-hearted lad always visits the cat with an unusual appearance
This cute and sweet cat Ace lost his eye after being saved. The time he was taken to the shelter they noticed the cat had an eye inflammation.
A cute baby elephant with pink skin is saved being trapped in a long piece of wire for a few days and fortunately she has been cured in a magic way
Baby elephants are smart and so sweet looking. A baby albino elephant was saved after 4 days being trapped and was cured in a magic way.
A true hero. The brave dog acts so quickly to rescue his tiny friend kitten from wide spreading fire
This occurance took place on October 20 in 2014 in Ukraine. There many examples of brave actions of the dogs who are devoted and courageous.
A pit bull which was used as a fighting dog, unfortunately now it has lost his ears. Despite all the difficulties he still continues to smile
A good and kind-hearted man found a dog badly hurt in South Carolina, nearby New York. York County Animal Control brought the Pit Bull Terrier in to be