The amputated dog helped a tiny boy with rare genetic state to overcome his fear of going outdoors
A boy named Owen is seven years old. The boy had a difficulty when he talked to other children. He was anxious knowing that he is different from others.
The dog waits for Santa Claus all night and his wishes are fullfilled
The dog waits all night to see Santa Claus. Christmas is a good time for the wishes to come true. The tiny and cute dog puts cookies and milk in front his dog house.
Several stray dogs came to the funeral of the woman who fed them every day
The time the family members and friends were griefing Margarita Suarez of Merida’s death in Mexico, the present people were shocked to see many stray
The retired police dog starts crying when he sees his former handler
A police dog which retired could not conceal his tears when he saw his former handler. The heartwarming scene was caught by a camera. This makes everybody’
A tiny puppy was lying in the street all covered in fleas and mange
This story is about a weak tiny puppy. The puppy was in a miserable state lying in the middle of the road. Many people passed by the puppy and neglected him.
A smart dog rescued the deaf boy’s life from the burning house
A brave dog saved his owner from house fire. The two years old pit bull acted so smart and quickly that the boy is alive. This fire took place in Indianapolis.
A police officer shares his umbrella with two unsheltered dogs under heavy rainfall
The streets were full of rain in India. India is flooded with heavy rain, which makes people and animals look for a shelter to be dry and safe.
A Chinese millionaire spends his all money on stray dogs
This story is about a man who gave all her money to unsheltered dogs. He earned this money in a steel industry. He is Chinese. His name is Wang Yane.
A camera caught a scene of the kind-hearted woman who gave her scarf to a shivering unsheltered dog
A camera captured a scene how a kind woman seeing a stray dog freezing from cold gives her scarf. This woman named Duygu Elma could not even think that
A brave mother dog saved her puppies who were trapped in a cave
A mother dog rescued her three puppies when it rained so much that caused a flood. The mother dog and her puppies were in a cave. The mother tried her