Video. A baby albino puppy proves that he is a true struggler
A baby puppy proves that he is a strong struggler for his life. The puppy is all in white color. It is an albino. The dog was only some days old.
PHOTOS. A tight and gentle friendship between a shepherd and an owl. A famous animal photographer Tanja Brandt took photos of these two cute creatures
The friendship between different type of animals is unusual but nowdays there are many cases of such friendship. The true friendship does not ask any size
Video. A boy who is 11 years old ceased the traffic jam to rescue a damaged and wounded puppy by a car crash
This is a touching story about a led who was able to rescue a dog who was kicked by a car in a traffic jam. Luckily there such nice people who can do even
Video. Cute photos. A married couple keeps a bear for already 25 years and they enjoy life together very happily and to the fullest degree
Many people believe that birds, dogs and cats are only considered to be animals which can be domestic animals. But this story is about a married couple
Fortunately, the weak dog is rescued after starving from hunger outdoors
This is a story of a weak and poor puppy which does not have any shelter to live in. The name of the dog is Peanut. He was so thin that his bones were so notable.
Video. The puppy was brought from a cruel owner, and the dog did not stop looking at the wall all day long
This is a story about a dog whose name is Angel. Friendship shifted his life abruptly. The dog was rescued by volunteers after being treated badly and in a rude way.