The hopeless dog was all in mud and very dirty sitting in the middle of the road unnoticed by many passerbies
The hopeless puppy was sitting in the middle of the highway full of dust and mud. Nearby there a process of construction. The dog did not go away even
This dog in pain was neglected by passerbies, but nobody worried about him
A dog attracted the attention of people by his enormous size but he was neglected by people. Nobody cared to help him. He was terrible suffering from pain
A cat spent all her life in a birdcage, luckily he is adopted by a lovely family
A cat spent all his life in the cage for birds. A rescue organization got a phone call about this incident that the cat was left abandoned outdoors.
A maltreated dog was rescued from transforming into a stone. Finally he becomes a healthy dog
A dog which was abondened outdoors in the streets of Greece. The dog turned into a hard stone. He was neglected and had a miserable look.
A dog all her body covered in cancerous tumors was on the edge of death
In Mexico it is considered that there are nearly 1 million unsheltered puppies. This story is about a stray dog named Boby. He is 2 years old.
A heartwarming video of the rescue of the puppy. Mama dog asked for help for her puppy who was at the edge of death. She was sitting next to her exhausted and in despair
Mother dog asked for help for her puppy. The rescuers came to the place where the incident happened. When they saw the eyes of mother dog in despair.
An emotional video about the rescue of the little puppy. A mother dog was sobbing and begging for help for his suffering puppy
Mother dog was sobbing and bagging for support for his little puppy. Here in the video the scene is depicted. The dog was suffering and trying to ask people for help.