A lost dog shivering from severe cold was found and returned to his owner by a kind-hearted transportation service worker
A dog was found shivering from severe cold. A bus passenger noticed the dog and wanted to help him. The man covered the dog with a jacket to warm him up.
An emotional scene. A faithful dog says his last goodbye to his friend lying on his friend’s grave the whole morning
This cute dog named Gaspar died and his faithful friend did not leave his side. The dog passed away from illness. The dog lies on the grave of his friend dog.
A stolen horse cries on seeing his close friend dog after being seperated for already 7 months
Two friends finally meet each other after being seperated for already 7 months. Their meeting was so emotional. It was like an overload of emotions.
A kind man noticed a shivering dog suffering from severe cold and acted very quickly
A dog was left outdoors. The dog was shivering from cold. The dog was left outside of the post office as the owner thought that the dog won’
A dog risks his life running through traffic to rescue his owner who was badly injured
A dog runs through traffic having a great desire to rescue his owner. He wanted to ask for help for his owner who was injured. The only thing that the
A dog approaches and hugs a homeless person to console him, the scene is touching
A dog came near to the homeless man. The dog wanted to comfort the man. The dog felt that the man needed somebody to understand him. The dog approached
The veterinarian walks along the streets of California and treats homeless people’s dogs
A vet named Kwane Stewart is a street vet. He does a good job. He walks in the streets of California examining and learning about the health problems of stray dogs.
A puppy thanked the woman who saved his life. The dog put his head in the woman’s arms as a sign of gratefulness
A few puppies were wandering near the rubbish bin. The rescue organization called St. Louis wandering rescue team got a call about these dogs.
A wild and wise stallion rescues the life of drowning baby horse
A horse rescued a baby horse from drowning deep in the water. The baby horse made an effort to pull himself out, but in vain. The baby horse was stuck
The drowning horse was rescued due to great teamwork
The horse was saved and turned out to be lucky. The mare was trapped in the muddy water. The horse was nearly drowning in the deep water.