The strong man kisses and hugs to his 14 years old dog who passes away after some seconds.
The owner of the dog said goodbye to his dog. The dog was already 14 years old. The man’s eyes were full of tears. The man hugged the dog and the
A funny dolphin swims towards the shore to start a game of chase
A dog and a dolphin played together at the beach. These different types of animals love each other. Even it seems unlikely but the dogs and dolphins are
A hopeless kitten was suffering in the rain without moving neglected by passerbies
A kitten was left abandoned suffering in the rain and neglected by people. The kitten was wet. He looked awful and had very little fur. The kitten had
The brave mother dog dives in the muddy hole to rescue her puppy from drowning in the water
A courageous mother dog made every effort to rescue her puppy from drowning deep in the hole. The dog dug the hole which was flooded to save the puppy