The lost cat was not found anywhere, till she listens to her tiny girl’s voice
This story is heartwarming and touching. It is about a lost cat which was seen nowhere. The girl did not lose her hope to see her cat again.
The owner of the dog starts to cry when he reunites with his missing dog who always shows emotional support to him
A man started to cry when he saw her lost dog. The dog was brought to the man by a police officer. This was an emotional reunion between the man and the dog.
The elephant and her devoted friend dog stayed indivisible until the final breath of the elephant
BLES sanctuary is a home for retired and saved animals.The sanctuary is named Boon Lott. This a name of a baby elephant and the name means survivor.
A police officer rescues a scared donkey from the busy main road and drives the donkey safely in his patrol car
A police officer rescued a donkey from the busy main road taking the dog and by a patrol car. A woman was driving her car when she noticed a frigtened