The female bearded dragon and the cat become an extremely unlikely close friends
Here is a cat named Baby and a bearded dragon named Charles. They became close friends. Though it seems strange but this true and tight bond is very sincere.
When a foal lost his mother a kind dog became a supporter and close friend. He comforted him in the difficult period of his life
A foal which was orphan and a rescued dog comfort one another in a hazardous time. They are close friends and always support each other in any difficult
An emotional reunion.The dying veteran’s wish to see his beloved dog for the last time comes true
A veteran which was sixty nine years old and was in hospital wanted to see his favourite dog for the last time. The man was named John Vincent.
The military dog does not want to let the retiring soldier go as they spent two years serving together
A dog which serves in a military service does not leave his retired soldier as they spent all day and night with that soldier. The dog followed the soldier