A tiny dog was exhausted as she was used as a toy for children in the village
A dog lived very hard life as  she was used as a toy by children. The dog slept anywhere and anytime because he was exhaused. The dog even could not walk
A heartwarming tribute. Firefighters honour the firehouse station dog as “honorary firefighter” after his death
A dog who served in a firehouse station for 10 years passed away. The dog was named Negro for his black colour. The dog was 14 years old when he died.
A boy rescues a puppy who was treated badly by other boys
A boy named Nicolas is seven years old. He is from Argentina. He lives in Rosario. The boy rescued a dog who was being tortured by other children.
A dog keeps barking anxiously until the biker follows him to an abandoned baby girl
A dog kept barking and running after a biker who rode hia motorcycle in the mountains in the Phillipines. The man understoid that the dog wanted to tell something.