A good boy. A loyal service dog got his own honorary degree for helping his owner to graduate
Service dogs are very good friends to the people who need help and emotional support. They are so smart and cute. They are devoted to these people who need them.
Video. A brave woman jumped into the icy water and saved the life of the Husky stuck in ice
When it is freezing cold there are many cases when the dogs fall into the icy water. This story happnened when it was a very cold winter day.
An emotional scene. The man reunited with his beloved dog after being lost for already eight years
A dog was found after being lost for already 8 years. The dog disappeared from his owner’s yard in 2007. The man tried to look for the dog but useless.
A real miracle. The Chihuahua left near the dumster was rescued by a kind woman
A woman was going to work when she noticed a cute small Chichuhua near the garbage. She worked in the nearby cafe. She decided to rescue the sweet dog
A funny video. A parrot can not stop complaining about the cat in the house
This is a real funny story. It is a cute Cocatoo parrot which spreads positive vibes. These parrots are very sociable and can contact in a friendly way