Video. A cute tiny dog named Rambo became a loyal watchdog after the Ukrainian soldiers saved him
A cute dog was saved by the Ukrainian soldiers from the severe cold winter in Donbass. The name of the dog is Rambo. The black coloured dog with light
Video. An emotional and sincere scene. A death and blind dog senses when her owner comes home
This is a story about a death and blind dog who has special senses.   The dog was adopted by a couple from an animal shelter where dogs need special care.  
A heroic act. A Polish charity worker goes to Ukraine regularly to save as many abandoned pets as he can
A man from Poland went to Ukraine to rescue abandoned animals under the bombardment. He works in a charity company. He goes to Ukraine regularly.
A heroic dog helps to clear explosives and rescue lives in Ukraine
This is a story about a heroic dog who helps to rescue lives of Ukrainians detecting the explosives. The dog is two years old and is considered to be a sniffer dog.