True friendship. A faithful dog waits for his ill owner at the front gate of their house for already two months to return home
A faithful dog waited for his owner to return who fell sick. The dog waited for two months and did not move from the front gate. The dog’
A cute video. A kind teen rescued three squirrels who were left orphaned after a Hurricane Ida destroyed their nest
There was a hurricane in New Orelans. A family  and their 15 years old daughter whose name is Bailee Villavaso saved the squirrels. A strong storm damged
A student from a foreign country flees from Ukraine with his two cats in his coat
A foreigner who came to Ukraine to study medicine at a university fled from the country with his two beloved cats. The future doctor’
A kind act. A man set free the chained dog and the dog expressed his gratitude by kissing and hugging the man
A man whose name is Matheus Laiola noticed a neglected dog. The hopeless dog was chained and needed care and love. The man decided to free the dog no matter what happened.