A cute footage shows the sweet friendship between a bear cub and a german shepherd
A friendless dog and a tiny cute dog became true friends. Their bond was inseperable and very tight. They found each and since that time they are inseperable.
A man smashes through his floor to rescue a kitten moments away from drowning in the flood waters
There was heavy rain in Texas. The heavy rain washed out many homes. Many families were left displaced. A couple had serious damages. The wife whose name
An unexpected guest. The family forgot to close the door and a dog came into the house begging for help
Jack Jonkinen woke up and whom he saw in the morning he could not even have imagined. The man had a dog but this dog was not his own dog.  
A swan who was seperated from her mate finally reunited and they made a heart shape by their long necks as a sign of tight bond and unconditional love
The swans named Bonnie and Clyde are inseperable couple. They live in England. This couple is very famous among the locals. They both love each other very much.
This sweet footage shows Conway and neighbor’s dog play fetch over a fence in the sweetest way
This is a story about a toddler and an adorable dog. They have a special bond and nothing can stop their friendship. The dog lives in the neghbour’
Man’s best friend. A devoted dog loves his owner so much that he nudges his wheelchair with his nose
It is an accepted truth that not only people are always there to help those animals in need of help, but animals are able to help people in need of help.
A heartwarming video. A caring horse sees her owner cry and tries to comfort her
Though it seems that only human beings are able to feel the sadness or happiness of people but animals turn out to be good friends. They are always to
A touching scene. A man takes off his shirt and gives it to the shivering stray dog
It was rather cold day. A dog felt cold and was shivering sitting on the ground in a hopeless state. This happened in the railway station.
A family hears a strange sound coming from rain gutters and finds out somebody hiding there
A family was at home when they heard a strange noise coming from a rain gutter.The family members looked out the bedroom window and saw the pregnant car
A very playful parrot has a unique passion for basketball
This is a story about a parrot who is named Shadow. The parrot is named Shadow as he follows his owners wherever they go and whatever they do.