A kind-hearted little boy did not want to leave the side of a stray injured dog until help arrives
Here ia a story about a boy who is eight years old. He is a refugee whose name is Hüseyin el-Hasan. The boy came from Syria. The boy was fond of dogs.
Two lovely puppies from the same neighborhood love to hug each other whenever they meet
Two lovely puppies are seen hugging each other every day when they meet. Their owners take them for a walk. The photo became famous in social media.
Video. A priceless reaction of the grandmother who was surprised to get a dog by her grandaughter
An old couple was fond of animals and used to keep dogs and cats. Unluckily, the family lost their dog. They had a wish to have a dog of their own.
A cute and heartwarming video. A very cute and lovely koala visits a swimming pool and gets kisses and cuddles
A family was having a holiday in the south of Australia. The family had such a funny time when the koala from the neighbor’s backyard visited them.
Video. An emotional scene. A stray pregnant dog can not conceal her happiness after being rescued
A dog  in a poor state was rescued. The dog was pregnant and she became very happy when she was rescued. The scene is so emotional. The dog was taken by