A dog was abandoned near the train station left with a plastic tray of water in front of him
A  crying dog  was noticed by passerbies. The dog looked so sad and his eyes were full of tears and sorrow. The poor black coloured dog was left abandoned
Cute video. Nearly 1,000 stray dogs have a chance to roam free and enjoy the paradise in the wonderful woodlands and fields called “Land of strays”
Many roaming dogs have a great chance to live in the animal sanctuary. The sanctuary is called “Land of strays”. This place is a great paradise
A touching scene.The cute roaming dog shares his bread that the rescuer gave him with other furry friends
A dog named Gunnar used to wander near the garbage bin. The dog had lived a hazardous life without proper care or food. The dog has always had a lack of
The dog has an emotional reaction when he reunites with his family members that he thought he would never meet them again
A dog was found tied up to a fence of an animal shelter. When the staff members came to work early in the morning they saw the dog  and took him to the