Video. An unbelievable eagle mom keeps her babies safe and warm even when she is covered all in the snow
A mother instinct is a feeling which can not be compared with anything. This a true devotion to their babies. This is a story that proves that mothers
A cute and amazing video. A parrot masters “to talk” like a cat in order to live in a house with many cats
It is well known that parrots have the ability to imitate the sounds of different animals. Parrots master not only imitating human language but also in
A real hero. A kind bus driver lets shivering dogs in his bus during heavy thunderstorm
This is story gives us hope that humanity still exists in people. This is a story about a bus driver who acted very kind seeing the dogs suffering in the
A man came to adopt a pit bull from animal shelter, but she did not want to go without her close friend
The loyality of dogs is inseperable. Here is a story about true devotion of dogs. Two dogs were taken to an animal shelter. From the time they were taken