An incredible video. A cute gorilla can not stop hugging and kissing her newborn cub
This is a story about a mother gorilla. Gorillas in general live in Africa. They are rather large and very strong animals. If people treat gorillas well
A mystery remains how the kangaroo appeared on the roof of the house in Queensland
A funny incident happened. It was not clear how the kangaroo appeared on the roof of the house. This happened in the 8th of November. The incident made
A heart touching video. An abandoned dog with sad eyes became very happy when she understood that she was finally rescued
A dog left in the streets had sad eyes full of sorrow. The dog felt neglected and worthless. But when a rescuer came near the dog, the dog  felt safety
The tiny rat named Blue just adores hugging and kissing his best friend a black German shepherd
This is a story about a cute black coloured German shepherd. The dog lives in a tiny house with other animals such as rabbits, cats and rats.