A teen adopts a cute and tiny donkey and this changes thier lives abruptly
A teen named Payton Dankworth always dreamt of having her own horse. She took riding lessons but she could not have imagined that she would have a chance
Dogs see a poor kitten in need of help and insist that their owner takes her home
Zach Hearn the owner of two dogs named Cream and Tang could not  have imagined that he will have to complete his family and have a kitten.
A cute dog looks like a human and people can not get enough of him
A lovely dog which is a  poodle named Nori is a popular dog in the social media. The dog is unique in his own way. The dog’s appearance is like a human face.
An intelligent dolphin brings gifts from the bottom of the ocean for people to swap with food
Dolphins are famous for their intelligence. These marine animals are so cute and smart. They love getting attention or to be in the centre of attention.