Video. An abandoned hopeless puppy was rescued and joined explorers who were on an adventurous 1,287 kilometres cycling journey
Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold went on an expedition. They had an adventurous journey cycling for about 1,287 kilometres. The man heard a voice coming from the bushes.
Video. An obedient senior dog was left behind as the family moved somewhere different
A dog named Pumba was a dog whom his owners loved very much. They took care of the dog as their favourite pet. But the dog could not have thought that
A motorcyclist notices an injured eagle and he recues him thanks to his quick thinking
A motorcyclist was driving on the busy highway when he noticed a bald eagle who was lyimg om the riad in a hopeless state. The eagle was injured.
A sweet scene. Video. A very talented parrot enjoys singing any guitar tone when his owner starts to play the guitar
Frank Magilo likes to play the guitar. He has a cute partot that turned out to be good at singing very beautiful. The colurful parrot enjoys the music