A very playful parrot has a unique passion for basketball
This is a story about a parrot who is named Shadow. The parrot is named Shadow as he follows his owners wherever they go and whatever they do.
A couple rescues a mother dog before she gives birth 9 puppies
Jackie and Carly noticed a dog which was pregnant. The dog was lying on the sidewalk. The dog seemed to be joyful. The couple treated the dog food and water.
A cute video. Here is Hugo: The dog which has a passion to opera music
A dog is fond of music especially listening and singing opera. The dog listens to this music so attentively. The scene was cqptured by his owner.
Meet Sox: A senior dog who travels America with his owner by a motorcycle
Dogs are famous to be best friends for humans. Here is a story about a cute Husky who is a true and adventurous friend for his owner. The smart dog travels
A hopeless dog slept on snow in front of the hotel until a tourist spotted her
A dog was left abandoned in front of the hotel. The dog lay on the snowy ground in a hopeless state. The dog was fed by the hotel staff.