A couple rescues a mother dog before she gives birth 9 puppies
Jackie and Carly noticed a dog which was pregnant. The dog was lying on the sidewalk. The dog seemed to be joyful. The couple treated the dog food and water.
A cute video. Here is Hugo: The dog which has a passion to opera music
A dog is fond of music especially listening and singing opera. The dog listens to this music so attentively. The scene was cqptured by his owner.
Meet Sox: A senior dog who travels America with his owner by a motorcycle
Dogs are famous to be best friends for humans. Here is a story about a cute Husky who is a true and adventurous friend for his owner. The smart dog travels
A hopeless dog slept on snow in front of the hotel until a tourist spotted her
A dog was left abandoned in front of the hotel. The dog lay on the snowy ground in a hopeless state. The dog was fed by the hotel staff.
The cute duck likes to run to her owner to greet her come home from work every day
A couple had neighbours who had many ducks. The ducks used to wander outdoors and even came to their garden to say hello to them. When the man saw a duck
Video. The musical parrot’s imitation of Rihanna in Eminem song has become famous and rather stunning
This is a real funny video showing how the parrot sings the song of Rihanna. For some people the parrot sings very well, for some people it is terrifing.
A fluffy talisman. The homeless artists who are always on the road with their sweet kitten
A kitten was adopted when he was just a month old. The couple were artists who were homeless. They often went on adventourous tours by thier car.
A touching video. A formerly blind dog wiggles with happiness and excitement seeing her owners for the first time
This is an emotional story about a black coloured dog of a dog breed Cocker Spaniel. The dog is so tiny and cute. The dog is blind as she suffered from cataract .
Positive vibes. This cute hedgehog is the happiest tiny fellow who might make your day brighter
Hete is a story about a hedgehog who is very cute and that can make people’s days brighter and colourful. The sweet hedgehog lives in Ukraine.
Video. Meet Eris who has the longest nose and has become famous for her long snout
Meet the dog with the largest nose in the world. The dog is a Borzoi sighthound. The dog lives in Virginia. The dog is named Eris. The dog is very impressive