Video. An abandoned hopeless puppy was rescued and joined explorers who were on an adventurous 1,287 kilometres cycling journey
Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold went on an expedition. They had an adventurous journey cycling for about 1,287 kilometres. The man heard a voice coming from the bushes.
Video. An obedient senior dog was left behind as the family moved somewhere different
A dog named Pumba was a dog whom his owners loved very much. They took care of the dog as their favourite pet. But the dog could not have thought that
A motorcyclist notices an injured eagle and he recues him thanks to his quick thinking
A motorcyclist was driving on the busy highway when he noticed a bald eagle who was lyimg om the riad in a hopeless state. The eagle was injured.
A sweet scene. Video. A very talented parrot enjoys singing any guitar tone when his owner starts to play the guitar
Frank Magilo likes to play the guitar. He has a cute partot that turned out to be good at singing very beautiful. The colurful parrot enjoys the music
This devoted dog goes to the store to buy breakfast for his beloved grandmother for already 10 years
This is a touching and such an emotional story about true devotion of a dog. The dog was rescued by a grandmother 10 years ago. The dog deserves praising
A girl was seen helping and rescuing a cute puppy left all wet in the rain
Here is a heart-warming story. Mayane Rodrigues was looking outside from the window of her house when she saw something that touched her heart.
A teen adopts a cute and tiny donkey and this changes thier lives abruptly
A teen named Payton Dankworth always dreamt of having her own horse. She took riding lessons but she could not have imagined that she would have a chance
Dogs see a poor kitten in need of help and insist that their owner takes her home
Zach Hearn the owner of two dogs named Cream and Tang could not  have imagined that he will have to complete his family and have a kitten.
A cute dog looks like a human and people can not get enough of him
A lovely dog which is a  poodle named Nori is a popular dog in the social media. The dog is unique in his own way. The dog’s appearance is like a human face.
An intelligent dolphin brings gifts from the bottom of the ocean for people to swap with food
Dolphins are famous for their intelligence. These marine animals are so cute and smart. They love getting attention or to be in the centre of attention.