The sweet footage shows disabled duck using her special wheelchair
The cute duck could not move as a fox had attacted her. The duck was taken to a pet sanctuary and there was very little hope that the duck would walk again.
A mute tiny girl surprises everybody when she tells her therapy donkey this magical sentence
Here is a girl whose name is Amber and her favourite donkey who serves as a therapy donkey. The name of the donkey is Shocks. They both had a very difficult life.
A cute video. A sweet and magical moment how the dolphin leaps out of the water to kiss a dog and jumps from happiness
Dolphins are known as smart and very active marine animals. They are one of the smartest animals in the world and there are also dolphins that are good
A kind cop notices two little squirrels on the busy road and ends up making best friends with them
This story happened in New York in the city of Ithaca.A cop saw two little hopeless squirrels on the busy road and could not just pass as many people did.