Mother lioness risks her life to rescue her cub’s life trapped on a cliff
Life is very difficult for the cub in the wild nature, they need time to get used to this life. The lioness rescued her cub from falling from the high cliff.
A cute video. The adorable and unique octopus with the cutest puppy eyes
Here is a unique octopus. The cute crearure is unclassified octopus. It has cute dog eyes. The octopus is also called Adorabilis as it is very adorable.
A rescued lion says goodbye to his savior after 20 years together
A beloved lion is  named Juipter. The lion is from Columbia. The lion is rather famous at Refugio Villa Lorena. Ana Julia Torres cares for animals in the
A sweet squirrel rescued from Hurricane Isaac steals people’s heart with her tiny teddy bear
A tiny squirrel fell from the nest as there was a Hurricane Isaac in 2012.The squirrel was rescued by the family who noticed her and took him to look after temporarirly.
A kind woman turns her house into dog hospice and looks after elderly 80 dogs at once
A woman whose name is Valerie Reid could not let the elderly dogs die all alone. The woman decided to do something for these hopeless dogs and create a hospice.
A heartwarming video. A goose warms up a shivering little puppy left abandoned in cold weather
Friendship and love have a great importance in life and they do not have any boundaries. There are surprising friendships between different species of animals.