Here is Zoe. A cute cat with a heart shape on her chest
A sweet cat named Zoe is rather famous for her cute appearance. The cat has a heart shape on her chest. The cat has reached her glory and went viral in
A hilarious footage. We all scream for ice-cream. Persistent parrot constantly asks for ice-cream
A cute and sweet multicoloured parrot asks for ice-cream for many times. It does not stop repeating for several times. The footage is so funny and went
A heroic act. Two brave officers were able to save the horse’s life from fire
Life is precious for both horses and humans. A fire which broke out in the barn made the situation risky and dangerous. There were animals that got up and ran away.
A true source of inspiration. The sweet footage shows the joy of the puppy playing in the rain
It was a rainy day. People were just looking out of the windows. A man noticed a dog dancing in the rain. He captured the scene. The name of the man is
A very funny footage. You can’t stop watching this parrot who likes stomping around in a mad way
A funny parrot likes stomping around. This is so hillarious. It acted as if he was mad about something. The bird walked slowly. It did not stop walking