A heartwarming footage. A man becomes very emotional after finding his two lost dogs during adoption photoshoot
A man becomes excited to see the two huskies who he lost some days ago. The man found them accidently during the photoshoot devoted to shelter dogs adoption.
A real hero . The cop spends his savings on caring on the abandoned or retired K9s
A police dog trainer whose name is Bai Yan works with dogs both in the provinces and in the cities. When this service dogs become older they get retired
A sweet scene. A cute footage of a bird stiring the coffee who just adores making coffee
As most of us this parrot is also fond of drinking a morning coffee. The parrot likes to stir the morning coffee. The parrot always participates in the
A sweet footage shows a baby goat making the cutest noise whenever asks for cuddles
This footage shows how a baby goat asks for love to the person. The cute baby goat is just ten days old but she makes such sweet sounds that are pleasant to hear.
A real hero. A man rescued the life of a drowning kangaroo cub giving him articficial respiration
An Australian saves the life a kangaroo who was stcuk in the river. The cute cub jumped into the river as he was afraid of two dogs who were chasing him as a pray.