A special bond. An orphaned lamb with spots gets adopted by a Dalmatian
This is a story about the special bond between a Dalmatian dog and a newborn lamb which was left orphaned. The dog surprised her owner by adopting the lamb.
Woman sees her dog’s face in the clouds hours after the dog passed away
Animals have a great importance in people’s lives. People become best friends with their pets and life becomes rather difficult without their favourite pets.
An adorable footage. A cute and adorable Golden retriever does push-ups with his owner and really enjoys this getting tasty treats
A cute Golden retriever is just five years old. He is named Atlas. His owner’s name are Rosy Bullot and Amelia Hobbs. The adorable dog likes to go
A sweet scene. A thankful kangaroo expressed his gratitude to the three men who got him out of the freezing lake by handshake
It is always pleasant to see how people help animals. It is a very good deed but animals are not ablr to thank people, but there are cases that make you
A cute scene. Adorable rainbow lorikeet kissing a cute koala went viral
A colourful lorikeet just shows her true love towards the koala. This cute scene was captured how he kisses the koala. The cute scene warmed people’
A sweet footage will make your day funnier and brighter. A cute parrot Larry is able to dial an imaginary phone number, ramble a little and then laugh loudly
People have always been interested in animals, as well as birds. The cute parrots have also become well knowing to be kept as pets. People like parrots