A touching scene. The orphaned gorilla famous for the selfie dies in the arms of the human rescuer
Animals have a strong bond with people who take car of them. They enoyed their lives up to the end of their lives. This touching story is a true proof
A heartwarming video. Boaters rescue baby moose stuck between rocks
When friends decided to go for a trip in the Canadian wilderness they just could not have even thought what expected them. The men who were boating on
Unique in his own way. A special boy met a dog who has the similiar disease as him and his life changed for the better abruptly
Here is a story about an eight years old boy and a dog. Both of them have the same disease called Vitiligo. The dog became a consolation for the dog.
A heroic act. Truck drivers rescue the thirsty orphaned elephant on one side of road
A little cute elephant got the second chance to live thanks to the kind-hearted men. It was as if the kind truck drivers were just in the right place in
A 13 years old boy from South Africa walked 3 kilometres alone to rescue his puppy
A boy from poor community rescued a puppy who was on the edge of death. The poor dog had a diarrhoea and gave up eating. The boy was so courageous that
Little boy left a puppy in a box near the school with a heartbreaking message
Children like puppies but it ia rather difficult for them to leave them alone. The boy who found a little black coloured dog could not just pass by the dog.