Unique birds. Here is blue footed bird Booby – an adorable and cute “cartoon character” bird
This story is about a “cartoon character”bird. The bird is named Booby. The bird is famous in the Galapagos Island. The bird is blue-footed
A cute footage. The talking parrot named Einstein demands a slice of pizza
This sweet parrot is named Einstein. The parrot is in a tasty mood. He wants pizza all day. The parrot tells that there is enough for everyone.
A tiny dog is fond of insisting on to stop and smell every flower he sees
All dogs are fond of sniffing. This dog is named Finn. The dog is special as he like to smell flowers. This 2 years old dog likes spring most of all.
Maternal love. Mother Golden retriever risked her life to get her puppy out of the ditch
Maternity is very strong feeling. Mothers do everything possible for the well being of their children. They are able to risk their lives for their children.