A dog who waited in the shelter for nearly five years finally found a forever home
Dogs in the shelter can be adopted very soon or very late. It is because of their fate and none of the dogs knows when he will be taken and have a forever home.
The cat with an eye infection was brought to the shelter to be left there because of his scary appearance
A woman brought her cat to the animal shelter. She refused to have the cat as the cat looked scared. The poor cat had an eye infection that is why he looked so bad.
The dog was afraid of being abandoned that he did not let go of the hand of the man who adopted him from the animal shelter
A man whose name is Sam adopted a dog from an animal shelter in New Zealand one and a half years ago. From the time on the dog was taken by the man.
The hidden camera catches a sweet scene bathing with a toy bear
A bear which was left orphaned was named Tamarack. The bear was saved from wildfrie zone as he had badly burnt paws. His paws were brunt from blaze.
A cute footage shows a naughty parrot perfectly mimicing a sobbing baby from inside a crate
This footage shows how a cute parrot mimics a sobing baby inside a crate. He mimics the sound so perfect. The green coloured parrot’
Meet Zara and Gia. The unlikely besties who make up the cutest “girl band” ever
There are friendships that show that the two friends are inseperable. The friendship between dogs and their owners is very tight. The dog named Zara is