A little boy loses his puppy and looks for the lost puppy crying inconsolably and goes viral
A picture of a little boy went viral in the social media. The boy was just crying and looking for a dog. The boy was crying hopelessly and he could touch
The street puppy is moved to tears after she feels safe at last
A street puppy was seen wandering all day exhausted and weak. The dog was neglected by the passerbies. Luckily, the dog was noticed by a man, who could
A man rescued a stray one-eyed kitten wandering in the streets of Cairo and decided to find a better life for him
This is a story about one eyed kitten which was rescued by a man from Cairo.  The name of the man is Ahmed. The kitten missed one eye as one of his eyes
Overjoyed dog can not stop kissing and hugging her new owner after getting adopted
It is always good news that dogs from the shelter are adopted. The reaction of dogs feeling warmth and comfort is such a sweet scene. The dogs behave as
A family dedicates everything to looking after 3,000 homeless dogs
A family spends all their time rescuing stray dogs. They created a place where over 3,000 dogs live. Every dog will dream to live here. There are countless