A touching footage. A terrified stray German shepherd kept crying until a woman came near to rescue the dog
Hope for Paw got a call about a stray dog which was a mix German shepherd. The dog was just sitting under the car and did not want to move from its place.
A superhero Catarina is electro-charged pup that the world needs
This story is about a dog whose name is Catarina. The dog is called Electro-Pup. The sweet looking dog is super powerful. The dog has a power of electricity
Sweet story. A cute and smart dog pretends to be sick so his owner will stay at home from work
A dog whose name is Sullivan has owners whose name are Kenaddy and Alex. The family was having a lunch break at home. When the man wanted to go back to
Worth praising. A woman takes 18 disabled dogs to the beach for the first time and they really enjoy it
Every dog likes being taken for a walk or just see thier owner come home from work. They just enjoy little things in life. Most dogs are fond of going to the beach.