A 18 years old dog got adopted by an incredibly kind man
All dogs deserve to have a forever home and be adopted from shelters.The elderly dogs also suffer with the problem of not being adopted.
A mournful canine was seen guarding his late brother’s grave
One of the most dramatic things for both animals and humans is losing someone we love and care about. The three dogs were close friends.
A lost senior dog was adopted by the police as they could not find his owner
In March a dog was found wandering in the streets. The Kirtland Authorities Department rescued the dog in the street. The dog was a senior Pit bull.
A nice and generous restaurant owner prepares a free meal for homeless dogs who visit his restaurant
A heartwarming story is about a restaurant called Gerqrdo Ortiz’s cafe-restaurant. The restaurant is situated in Peru. The owner of the restaurant
A public cleaner takes her puppy to work in Bangkok every day so that he is not left alone at home
A photo of public cleaner with her dog carrying on her back went viral in social media. The woman is from Bangkok, Thailand. The woman’