A kind golden retriever rescues a small stranded woodchuck and transports the animal to safety
It was a hot summer day. A family liked to take their dog for a swim. The dog just adored swimming. The dog was named Wally. Wally is a golden retriever
Very cute photos will brighten your day. A kind couple rescued 2 ducklings, 2 pit bulls, 2 terriers and a cat and they are inseperable friends now
This family of animals consisits of ducks, terriers, pit bulls and a cat. They were rescued by a kind hearted couple. They get along with each other very
A store opened its doors for a stray dog to cool off during heat wave
Stray dogs are always in danger of weather conditions. They are always in risk of bad or good weather. The homeless dogs do not have shelters to hide from
Here is a sweet puppy named Oreo Cloud which is like an Oreo Mclurry Fluff
A cute puppy is named Oreo Cloud. The dog is like a Oreo Mclurry Fluff. The picture of the sweet dog became famous in the social media. The dog melted