A pet rabbit named Cocoa Puff is very famous for being as big as a dog
A family keeps a rabbit as a pet as they think they can not keep a dog or a cat at their small house. The daughter of the family whose name is Maisie wanted
The tiny dog befriended with a monarch butterfly and for a moment the world was perfect
Rylee Boland and her French bulldog named Mochi were just sitting at home when a butterfly visited their garden. The dog rushed as she saw from the window
A box was found with innocent puppies inside the box
A man found a box with innocent puppies inside the box. The puppies were left in despair. The man did not hesitate and called Love Furry Friends Rescue.
A blind dog abandoned on park bench after giving birth gets the love that she really deserves
Abandoning pets is a very bad thing especially when they are afraid of everything. Here is a story about such case. A blind pitbull was sitting on the