The blind dog always runs when he hears his best friend’s voice
Th cute blind dog runs every time his owner calls him. The dog was named is Arafa. A man named Ahmed Embaby rescued the dog. Although the dog has lived
After the mom of the puppy passed away the puppy waited in the same spot hoping that her mother would come back
A puppy was found wandering in the streets. The mom of the dog was hit by a car and ahe was killed. The puppy was left abandoned fending outdoors.
A brave dog with heart cancer looks after abandoned animals
A dog which suffers from heart attack is very kind to puppies and kittens. The dog has become a mother for stray kittens. The dog is very kind to animals
The three dogs were left abandoned in a hopeless state after their caring owner passed away
The three dogs named Fred, Ethel and Ricky were left abandoned in the streets as a garbage. Unluckily, their caring owner passed away. The dogs were left in despair.
A touching footage. Vet can not hold back his tears after seeing his senior military K9 now
A man whose name is Adam Wylier is an officer in the air force. The dog has been serving with his loyal K9 dog. The dog is of a breed of Belgian Malinois.