A heroic act. Truck drivers rescue the thirsty orphaned elephant on one side of road
A little cute elephant got the second chance to live thanks to the kind-hearted men. It was as if the kind truck drivers were just in the right place in
A 13 years old boy from South Africa walked 3 kilometres alone to rescue his puppy
A boy from poor community rescued a puppy who was on the edge of death. The poor dog had a diarrhoea and gave up eating. The boy was so courageous that
Little boy left a puppy in a box near the school with a heartbreaking message
Children like puppies but it ia rather difficult for them to leave them alone. The boy who found a little black coloured dog could not just pass by the dog.
A dog-friendly bar. A bar dedicates a wall to the dogs who have visited the bar
A bar welcomes not only people but also their dogs. The bar is named The Mad Ox. The bar is situated in the United Kingdom. Every dog that comes to this
The dog was grieving in despair as his owner left him. Suddenly his life changed abruptly
This story is about a sad dog whose name is Neno. The dog felt sad as he was left by his owner. The dog felt horrible as he was ill. The dog felt useless.
A cute Chihuahua which is just three months old and does not have front legs likes to cuddle with his toys, especially Lamb Chop
This dog might be different from other dogs but he rather cute in his own way. The dog does not just give up enjoying his life to the fullest.
Love is blind. A cat described as “0 eyes, 1 big heart”. A cat from Greece finds a forever home in Londoner’s home
A cat whose name is Dmitri does not give up on life. Unluckily, he lost his eyesight because of infection. He has a forever home now. The cat is from Grecce.