Chunk, a golden retriever missing for 16 days, was found swimming in New Jersey bay
A three years old Goldren retriever got lost when the dog was playing fetch with his owner. The dog got lost in the wood near the house.
A cute footage. A frustrated African grey parrot tells dog off for barking too much
An African grey parrot which is named Otis is very talkative. The parrot can not just stand the dog barking at squirrels and that is why he starts to bark.
A big hearted trooper adopts a dog he rescued from extreme heat on side of highway in Tennessee
This story has a happy ending. The hopeless dog was starving in the hot weather. The dog was on one side of the highway in Tennessee. Luckily, the dog
The man quits his job to travel the country and rescue dogs from shelters
Lee Asher has always wanted to help the animals in need of help. He grew in a family where there were 9 rescued animals. The man had saved nearly 16 animals.
A sweet dog waits for her favourite garbage collector to visit
Dogs have deep feelings getting connected with the people. Dogs even have tight bonds with their neighbours, postmen, garbage collectors.