A man constructs a ramp to assist his senior dog in getting into his car
In recent weeks, a touching video of a man and his elderly dog showcasing their beautiful bond has gone viral online. The elderly man can be seen carefully
Funny footage. Gotcha really wants to go to bed! Lol *subtitles included*
Gotcha really wants to go to bed! Lol *subtitles included. Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo. Both Gotcha and Letty go to bed around 9 and 930 pm.
Puppy With His Bunny Friend Take A Nap Together And Cuddle Each Other
There is no doubt that puppies are among the most adorable animals in the world. But what makes any pup even cuter and adoreable?! Of course, hugging a fluffy toy.
Abandoned Baby Polar Bear Filmed Sleeping With Stuffed Animal Which Makes Cute And Sweet Sounds
Nobody doubts that animal world has ultimate cute videos, but this footage is one of the best for sure. Columbus Zoo captured a footage of a baby bear
A funny footage showing Bella cockatoo engaging in hilarious argueing with owner
This white parrot might come off as a truly magnificent and beautiful creature, but don’t be too quick to judge. The cockatoo has quite the temper.
Overweight Man With 5 Years To Live, Goes To Shelter To Adopt An Obese, Middle-Aged Dog
This story that was shared by Mutual Rescue speaks about Peety and Eric, who knew that he had only 5 years at max to live by his doctor.
Paralyzed Family Dog Teaches His Baby Human How To Move Around
This is one of the greatest dog stories ever, it is about a paralyzed dog who is named Kahlua who became popular on TikTok for what he did with his baby human brother.