Hiker’s Loyаl Dog Rejects To Leаve Her Side After She’s Woսnded In 300-Foot Fаll
The dog’s name is Indy, like the fictional character Indiana Jones. Brittany Fintel says that without the support of her traumatized dog, she may
A priest Photographed While Giving Mass With His Sick Puppy On His Lap
When our four-legged friends get sick or are living out their last days of life, we feel as sad and desperate as if we are worried about a longtime friend.
Although he does not stop smiling at those who visit the shelter they have rejected him for 9 years
As the story goes, Max, a cute furry companion, was rescued in Georgia when he was around a year old and relocated to a shelter in New Jersey.
Meet Dusty The Kangaroo Who Believes That He Is A Dog
A few years ago, an orphaned baby kangaroo was brought home by Ashley Stewart. The kangaroo, Dusty, now thinks that he is a dog after spending years with dogs.
Finally Last Dog In Shelter Gets Adopted, And Smiles When He Realizes Will Get A Home
There is no doubt that the only thing shelter dogs want is to go to forever homes. Furthermore, going to a forever home depends on many things like health