After they promoted him on social media for adoption, people started making fun of his appearance, and creating memes based on his look
In general, numerous of the saved tykes that are born with a health problem that affects their physiognomy aren’t generally the first option to take
A maո treats a paralyzed husky in the pօօl tօ relieve pain and help him walk
There are so many cases where owners abandon their dogs for some reason and ignore them. Hearing such stories often overlooks dog parents who love and
Angry cockatoo throws priceless expletive-filled tantrum when it’s time to go to bed
Pebble is not going to get any commands and makes it more than obvious. You know Cockatoos right? So they are very alike parrots, though they are lack
A couple sees an orphan dog and decides to keep her with them
One day young man named Danny was standing on the balcony with his girlfriend. They were making plans for the current day and at that moment Danny looked down.
This service dog surprised the passengers at Tampa airport
Service animals are much more special than the others because of their special service! People love to see a Labrador retriever trained to help.
Rescued Skinny Dog Hides Something Endearing and Special
Rescuers found Lollie living in a shed, and when they found her, she was unbelievably skinny and severely dehydrated. Considering what she was hiding