Dog That Spent Her Early Years Chained Up Can Finally Be A Puppy
Violet the canine was set up in December 2016 in a property that sounded relatively abandoned. A woman that was driving by spotted her and several other
Wrapped Up Baby Laid Outside Bank Cold And Hungry & No One Stopped For Him
It takes a cold heart to abandon a defenseless animal. We feel a deep sense of outrage that this should be done to a helpless puppy. Someone should have
Guy is shocked to find 20 fluffy puppies on the side of the road in a crate
A Good Samaritan was out for a stroll in Essex, England one afternoon when he noticed an abandoned crate on the roadside. He was shocked when he sees who was in it.
Seոior dog cries as owոer has to surreոder him to shelter — ոow he’s lookiոg for a ոew forever home-!
It’s alwaуs heartbreaking when tykes are surrendered to harbors bу their possessors, indeed if the proprietor has a good reason for doing so.
Shelter puppy comforts her sister with a warm hug after rescued
When you have your lovelies around, you have everything with you. Last week, the Animal Charity of Ohio, which is a non-profit humane society got a call.