Hunter put [his life] on the line every day while on the force to keep the community secure. Cops honor loyal K-9 officer with the most touching goodbye
R.I.P K9 Hunter. You have fulfilled your duties admirably and are free now of Run free to your counterparts over the Rainbow Bridge.
A footage how patient and well trained he is will melt your heart. This Cute Pit Bull Waited In Line To Get Ice Cream Just Like Everyone Else
How patient and well trained he is.This cute pit bull was just hanging around her home when she heard the ice cream approach and she completely lost her mind.
Two Stray Mama Dogs Rescued While Nursing Their Puppies In Alley
Rescuers said that they haven’t seen such heartwarming thing before. A Good Samaritan found 2 female dogs and their litters in an alleyway in L.