A hilarious footage. We all scream for ice-cream. Persistent parrot constantly asks for ice-cream
A cute and sweet multicoloured parrot asks for ice-cream for many times. It does not stop repeating for several times. The footage is so funny and went
A heroic act. Two brave officers were able to save the horse’s life from fire
Life is precious for both horses and humans. A fire which broke out in the barn made the situation risky and dangerous. There were animals that got up and ran away.
A true source of inspiration. The sweet footage shows the joy of the puppy playing in the rain
It was a rainy day. People were just looking out of the windows. A man noticed a dog dancing in the rain. He captured the scene. The name of the man is
A very funny footage. You can’t stop watching this parrot who likes stomping around in a mad way
A funny parrot likes stomping around. This is so hillarious. It acted as if he was mad about something. The bird walked slowly. It did not stop walking
An orangutan offers his hand to help the man to get out of the snake-filled river
A wild orangutan offered his hand to help the man who was stuck in the mud. A photographer whose name is Anil Prabhakar captured this beautiful scene.
A funny video will make your day. A cute parrot appears on the traffic camera
Traffic cameras captures not only the cars but also there interesting scenes. They capture how the tracks and cars pass in a stream. But this camera captured
Lonely husky sneaks out to hug best friend
Friendship between dogs is uncomparable and inseperable. They are devoted friends and never leave each other’s side. The friendship between a husky
A unique insect. The sweet footage shows a fluffy tiny insect like a piece of pop corn or snowflake when moving
This story is about an insect which attracts attention by its unique appearance. The cute insect is like a fluffy snowflake or a pop corn.
If you think that horses can not look more beautiful you have to see what these people do
Horses are known as smart and handsome looking animals. They are one of the most beautiful animals in the world. These animals are majestic and unique.
A sweet footage shows a hilarious reaction of the dancing deer when the dog ignores her
This is a funny footage showing how the deer started to dance in the water. The deer could not stand that she was being neglected by the dog.