A funny video.A retired man built a special dog train to take his rescued dogs for little trips
An old man who is already 87 years old was retired. His name is Eugene Bostick. Now he devotes his life working as a train conductor. He is a train conductor
An abandoned senior dog was adopted by a family and also got a job at the fuel station
A dog named Nego was a senior dog whom his owners left because of his age. The dog was adopted by the proprietors of gas station. The dog was also an employee
A kind woman rescued a stray and terrified dog who became lost during heavy snowfall
A woman whose name is Kristina was driving her car on the highway when she noticed a freezing dog on one side of the road. She stopped her car to save
An emotional video. A boy was given a puppy as a surprise from his deceased father
A boy whose name is Logan has always wanted to have a puppy. From the time the boy was three years old he wanted to have a dog. He even carried a dog toy
Kyiv zookeepers still continue to take care of the innocent animals stuck in Ukraine
Many people flee from Ukraine because of the military time in the country. But there are many people and animals that stayed in Ukraine.
A beautiful scene. A volunteer could calm down the dogs by singing and playing the guitar for the stray dogs in the shelter
A volunteer made the day of stray puppies happier.  He is a music lover and animal lover.As people dogs also enjoy music. The man visited a shelter and
A rescuer does not want to leave his 450 animals in Ukraine and prefers to stay with them
A deliverer does not want to leave his 450 animals in Ukraine. He prefers to stay with his innocent animals  in Ukraine. The man risks his own life without
A two years old sweet dog meets the 93 years old woman and they become true and inseperable friends
An old woman who is already 93 years old has lived alone . Her name is Sally. She became a widow for 30 years. The woman made friends with a neighborhood dog.
Ukrainian cat cafe stays open to look after for its cats and visitors even during the wartime
The cafe which name is Cat Cafe Lviv has been open for six years. The cafe stuff is a small team which members are close friends. The cafe still continues its work.
An original friendship. A 67 years old Canadian has been close friends with a polar bear for 23 years
A man from Canada enjoys his friendship with a polar bear. The man adopted this bear from her birth. The polar bear is an unusual pet. The man’